WSEAS Feedback 2015

In this web page you will see some opinions and real comments from distinguished participants from recent WSEAS Conferences

WSEAS has recently organized a conference in Greece with more than 500 participants.
See some moments from this conference here:

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Feedback and Comments

From:    Rodolfo Fiorini <>
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Date:    1 July 2015 at 18:45

Milano, July 1st, 2015

Dear Salerno International Conferences Committees and Associates,
I just returned from the conferences in Salerno, June 27-29, 2015, and want to take a moment to thank you for making it such a worthwhile experience. I know you spent many months planning the event, and it showed. I especially liked your selection of plenary and invited speakers.
According to my humble knowledge, for the first time in West scientific history, from speakers’ presentation emerged clearly, with sounding examples, the current paradigm shift from “Science 1.0” to “Science 2.0” in scientific and engineering applications we are experiencing even at the social level today.
Many “Science 1.0” researchers and scientists up to scientific journals assume that the ultimate language of science is associated to the “continuum hypothesis” assumption and it is even the traditional instrument of risk-taking. Unfortunately, deep epistemic limitations reside in some parts of the areas covered in risk analysis and decision making applied to real problems.
In 1924, the fresh idea of a wave description associated to elementary discrete systems has emerged from a major ontological paradigm shift with respect to Classical Physics, which still provides the framework of the vision of Nature of most scientists and engineers, since 1687.
This change of paradigm has not yet been completely grasped by contemporary Science  and Technology, so that not all the implications of this change have been realized hitherto, even less their related applications. So, the fresh approach, developed under the ”discreteness hypothesis” assumption, in specific scientific disciplines, was considered in peculiar application areas only, historically.
As a matter of fact, to grasp a deeper representation of reality, researchers and scientists need two intelligently articulated hands: both stochastic and combinatorial approach synergically articulated by natural coupling; let’s say we need a fresh ”Science 2.0” approach.
Over more than three centuries, the above two large scientific research areas (continuum based and discreteness based) have followed separate mathematical development paths with no articulated synergistic coupling.

That is the main reason why the “Science 2.0” approach is still mostly overlooked by traditional scientific and engineering researchers for system multi-scale modeling, from system nanoscale to macroscale and beyond.
Unfortunately, the ”probabilistic veil” can be very opaque computationally by itself , in a continuum-discrete arbitrary multi-scale environment, and misplaced precision leads to information dissipation and confusion.
Your conferences in Salerno gave the right perspective to this major and fundamental problem in current Science and Engineering.
Eventually, I like to appreciate the specific contributes of Prof. Nikos Mastorakis, Prof Aurelio Tommasetti, Prof. Leonardo Cascini, Prof. Joseph Quartieri and Prof. Claudio Guarnaccia. Furthermore Dr. Anna Papadimitriou, Dr. Olga Nikolova and Mrs. Rayna Moskova, for their fine work, excellent planning and realistic scheduling  that resulted in informative and smooth running meetings.
Next year's organizers will have their hands full trying to equal the quality of this year's event. Thanks for making your conferences so worthwhile.
Thanks to you and your committees, your companies and the University of Salerno now have an outstanding model to follow and to share for the future, towards a more sustainable economy and well-being, in a global competition scenario.
Best regards,

Rodolfo A. Fiorini

Prof. Rodolfo A. Fiorini, Ph.D.
Professor of Bioengineering
Wellbeing Technology Assessment
Strumenti di Valutazione per le Tecnologie Mirate alla Salute
Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering (DEIB)
Politecnico di Milano
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano, Italy
Tel. Office             +39-02-2399-3350
Fax.                       +39-02-2399-3360


From:    Yingxu Wang <>
Date:    1 July 2015 at 08:23

Dear WSEAS President,

It's my pleasure to meet you again in WSEAS conferences in Italy.
Thank you for your professional work and your kindness.
I am interested in serving as the EIC for a newly planned "WSEAS Trans on Fuzzy Mathematics and Fuzzy Systems."
I look forward to know your further plan.
Yingxu Wang, PhD, P.Eng, F.ICIC, F.WIF, SM.IEEE, SM.ACM
Professor of Cognitive Computing, Software Science, Brain Science, and Denotational Mathematics 
Visiting Professor (on sabbatical leave): Oxford Univ. (1995), Stanford Univ. (2008), UC Berkeley (2008), MIT (2012)
President, International Institute of Cognitive Informatics and Cognitive Computing (ICIC,
Director, Laboratory for Computational Intelligence and Software Science
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Schulich School of Engineering and Hotchkiss Brain Institute (HBI)
University of Calgary
2500 University Drive, NW
Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4
Tel: (403) 220-6141
Fax: (403) 282-6855
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Cognitive Informatics and Natural Intelligence (IJCINI)
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of Software Science and Computational Intelligence (IJSSCI)
Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on System, Man, and Cybernetics- Systems
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advanced Mathematics and Applications (JAMA)
Chair, The Steering Committee of IEEE ICCI*CC Conference Series
Top Popular Member/Top Publications at UofC (RG: 2014/15)


From:    Joăo Rodrigues <>
Date:    3 November 2014 at 22:53

Dear Anna,

The conference was very interesting, and we are planning to go to a future
WSEAS (and NAUN) conference again. I didn't take any picture.

Thanks again.
Best regards

Joăo Rodrigues,
Professor Adjunto/Adjunct Professor,
Depart. de Eng. Electrotécnica/Dept. Electrical Engineering,
Instituto Superior de Engenharia,
Universidade do Algarve/University of the Algarve
Faro, Portugal


From: Maria Luisa DE GUGLIELMO <>
Date:    30 July 2015 at 19:28

Dear Prof. Mastorakis,

I have submitted the extended version of our paper in this ISI Journals after your positive reply.
Thank you in advance for your kind attention to our work presented in WSEAS Multiconference in Salerno.

Best regards,

Maria Luisa De Guglielmo
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile/DICIV
+39 089 96 3416


From: Prof. Kleanthis Psarris <>
Date:    29 July 2015 at 04:02


I apologise. For family reasons I could not come to the WSEAS Conference in Zakynthos,
but I promise to come to the WSEAS Conference in Crete
Best Regards

Prof. Kleanthis Psarris,
Dean, The City University of New York, USA



From: Vladimíra Vytlačilová <>
Date:    7 November 2014 at 14:29
Dear organizers of the WSEAS Conferences in Lisbon,

Thank you for organizing the conference in Lisbon. I enjoyed it.

I am glad for the opportunity to publish extended version in ISI Journals
for my presented paper too.

Thank you and good luck with the organization of other conferences.

Vladimira Vytlacilova
Katedra betonových  a zděných konstrukcí
Fakulta stavební ČVUT v Praze
Thákurova 7
166 29  Praha 6
+420 224 354 365


From: Prof. Radek Němec <>
Date:    30 July 2015 at 12:18

Dear WSEAS Staff

I shot and edited video from Zakynthos. You can see it here:
You can send it to others.

Best regards.
Radek Nemec
University of Hradec Kralove,
Czech Republic


From: Borut Roncevic <>
Date: 30 July 2015 at 17:07

Thank you very much for quick reaction (regarding publication in ISI Journal after the WSEAS Conference in Salerno)

Best regards,

Prof. Borut Roncevic


From: Fabrizio Russo <>
Date: 30 July 2015 at 17:10

Thank you very much for publishing my paper in WSEAS COnferences and Journals
Best regards

Fabrizio Russo
associate professor
+39 0405587813
+39 0405583460


From: "Michael N. Katehakis" <>
Date: 30 July 2015 at 17:14

I see the video:
Very nice conference in Zakynthos by WSEAS!
I wish I was there.


Michael N. Katehakis
Professor and Chair,
Department of Management Science and Information Systems
Rutgers Business School Newark and New Brunswick

Editor in Chief 
WSEAS Transactions on Business and Economics


From: Prof. Claudio GUARNACCIA
Date:    30 July 2015 at 19:07


Thank you very much for the excellent WSEAS / NAUN Conferences in Salerno.
Right now I also uploaded the extended version of another paper presented in Salerno to a NAUN journal,
International Journal of Mechanics.
Wishing you a nice summer time, I send my best regards!

Dr. Claudio Guarnaccia, PhD
Temporary Professor of Physics
Postdoc researcher in Physics
Industrial Engineering Department
University of Salerno
Via Ponte don Melillo
84084 - Fisciano (SA)

Tel.: +39 089 969356
      +39 089 969596
Fax:  +39 089 969658


From: Prof. Klimis Ntalianis <>
To: Anastasios Doulamis <>,
Nikolaos Doulamis <>
Date:    29 July 2015 at 12:53

Dear Colleagues,

The WSEAS Conference in Zakynthos was a tremendous success
I am happy because our Paper from this conference will be published in this Journal
International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science (Indexed in ISI and SCOPUS and many other indexes)


Klimis Ntalianis
Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece


From:   Prof. Ilona Dzenite <>
Date:    28 July 2015 at 22:10


I accept your invitation to participate in the Scientific Committee for WSEAS Conferences CSCC / INASE 2016.
In addition I could be a conference photographer too, I just need to find a better camera.
I heard from my Latvian colleague that in 2016 you are going to organize one WSEAS conference in Latvia,
Is that still actual? In Latvia I really can help a lot, but I also do not mind to travel and work in hot countries like Greece ;-).
Can you imagine that in Latvia in this July the air temperature is only 18-22C? Is it colder that sea temperature on Zakynthos!

Best wishes,

Best Regards,

Professor Ilona Dzenite
Department of Engineering Mathematics
Riga Technical University
1 Kalku street, LV 1658, Riga


From:    Lepadatescu Badea <>
Date:    29 July 2015 at 12:13


Thank you very much for the photos regarding moments from Zakythos.
They are very nice and remaind us about the wonderful time spent there.
Thank you very  much for everything you have done.
I hope to give you at the next meeting a new book for the beginning in violin study in English language. 

Best regards and happy holiday,
Prof. Lepadatescu Badea
Translylvania University of Brasov
Brasov, Romania


From: Csobán Attila <>
Date:    2 July 2015 at 00:33

Dear Professor

It was a pleasant time in Salerno during the Conference and it was a pleasure
to meet and to discuss with You also in Pompei! I got the E-mail and I hope
the ISI journal publication also will sucsess (sorry for my mistake I send my
paper too early I will send it in time next time). I wish also the best to your
wife, Maria! Please keep in touch and let me attach a file about my gearbox.
If You can halp me to get 10 minutes to present the advantages of this
invention by a company I would be very glad! Thank You again and I wish You a
pleasant summer holiday!

Best regards,

              Attila Csobán
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  Department of Machine and Product Design

From: Prof. Marian Ciontu <>
Date:    25 July 2015 at 09:57

I would like to thank you very much, my colleagues just gave me the
conference bag with the materials of the conferences in Zakynthos.
We are looking forward to continuing our great collaboration.

Best Regards,

Prof. Marian Ciontu
Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of Craiova